Un pont à part | A Distant Bridge

Author: Victor J. Jones
Publisher: Métis Presses | ISBN 978-2940563098 | 191 Pages
Publication Date: December 2016


Author: Victor J. Jones
Publisher: Euno Edizioni | ISBN 9788868590727 | 143 Pages
Publication Date: July 2015

(IN)Formal L.A.: The Space of Politics

Book Editor: Victor J. Jones
Publisher: eVolo | ISBN 9781938740046 | 130 pages
Publication Date: January 2014

Shaping the City: Studies in History, Theory and Urban Design

Edited by: Rodolphe El Khoury and Edward Robbins
Book Chapter: New Orleans: Testing Ecological Urbanism | pages 168 - 181
Publisher: Routledge Press |
ISBN-100415584620 | 336 pages
Publication Date: June 2013

From Civil to Civic
Replacement of an icon: The Ribbon of Light Viaduct in L.A.

Authors: Victor J. Jones, Kelly Shannon | December 2016

The Schindler Lab

Author: Victor J. Jones | 2014 [online]

The Culture Now Project Midsize America

Authors: Thom Mayne, Karen Lohrmann
Article: The Medium of Big| pages 88-89
Publisher: The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles
ISBN: 978-0977-1945-4-4
Publication Date: February 2012


Article: Michael Maltzan: Brother Do You Have the Time?
Author: Victor J. Jones
October 2009 / Issue 19

IDNWS Dialogues

Article: Mark Lee
Author: Victor J. Jones
Spring 2011

IDNWS Dialogues

Article: Michael Maltzan
Author: Victor J. Jones
Spring 2010

Journal of Architectural Education Volume 68, Issue 2

Author: Victor J. Jones
Title: James Turrell: A Retrospective
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | DOI: 10.1111/j.1531-314X.2010.01094.x
Publication Date: June 08, 2014