About Fievre+Jones

Created in 2002 Fievre+Jones' portfolio covers a wide range of interests and scales. Rather than embracing a single sensibility, each project takes on a unique character and appearance as it is shaped by its particular conceptual framework and physical environment. Fievre+Jones' distinct interest in traditional and contemporary techniques of making have allowed the firm to address a variety of design problems that include the extension and renovation of historic residences to the application of digital technologies.

Projects include the design of several new residential projects located in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, an exhibition design for photographer Julius Shulman at the "Galerie du CROUS", Beaux Arts in Paris, France, the spatially and programmatically inventive Spanish House in Culver City, California, and the unique application of material in An Arbor, in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to providing comprehensive design services, Fievre+Jones frequently collaborates with a range of other creative disciplines that include landscape architects, contemporary artists, product designers and fabricators material.